8 Benefits Of Sipping Coffee On The Job

Sipping Coffee On The Job

Whether you’re a pilot, doctor, construction worker, small business owner, or anything else – coffee and work go hand in hand. There’s no doubt that coffee is a workplace staple, with over 86 percent of full-time employees drinking coffee daily. Of course, there’s a good reason for that. Coffee is one of the only beverages that provide the pick-me-up of caffeine, while also offering several health benefits compared to alternatives like soda or energy drinks. From early morning sales call to late-afternoon presentations to nights when you’re on-call, coffee is a welcomed companion when the job gets tough.

How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

Coffee Without A Coffee Maker

Whether you’re on a camping trip without cooking gear, you’re renting a vacation rental and there’s no proper coffee maker, or you just don’t want to spend money on expensive brewing equipment – we have good news. There are several ways to take the DIY approach to whip up a fresh batch of joe. With a little effort and ingenuity, you can easily make coffee without a coffee maker – let’s take a look at a few foolproof ways to do so.

Why You Should Never Use Coffee K-Cups

Why You Should Never Use Coffee K-Cups

There are plenty of approaches you can take to brew the best possible cup of coffee. One method that’s become particularly popular in the past decade, has been the rise of the single-serve K-Cup, a plastic pod-like package containing a filter and grounds that’s inserted into a special coffee-making machine. The term came from the manufacturers of the K-Cup and related brewing equipment, Keurig. While they were once a trendy, popular choice, they’ve since come under fire for their negative effects on the environment, lack of freshness and other disadvantages that coffee enthusiasts should care about. With that said, let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should never use coffee K-Cups.

Why Is Dominican Coffee So Good?

Dominican Coffee So Good

Dominican Coffee has a storied history that starts in the early 18th century. Likely brought to the country by Spanish colonists, it took almost 150 years to become a commodity for the small island nation. However, once the unique growing zones were established and the manufacturing process was refined, the farms of the Dominican Republic have come to be some of the most revered coffee producers in the world.  And there are several reasons why Dominican coffee beans are so sought after – let’s take a look at why the country’s coffee is so good.

10 Reasons Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea

10 Reasons Why Coffee Is Better Than Tea

Who wins in the endless rivalry of two popular beverage heavyweights – coffee or tea? Both offer a jolt of caffeine, a comforting warmth and a unique flavor profile, but one is obviously better than the other. Although tea does have some good qualities, we’re partial to coffee for several reasons. And we’re here to bring you over to our side. So let’s take a look at 10 reasons why coffee will always be the superior drink compared to tea.

Which Country Produces The Best Coffee?

Produces The Best Coffee?

When it comes to the best coffee in the world, it’s hard to pick just one winner. There are so many places where coffee grows in its own unique way – offering you, the end consumer, almost full control over how your cup of coffee tastes. From the lowlands of arid Middle Eastern desserts to the high-altitude mountain ranges of the Dominican Republic, and many different types of regions in between, here are some of the top coffee-producing countries in the world. Let’s explore!

Health Facts That All Coffee Drinkers Need to Know

Health Facts That All Coffee Drinkers Need

When it comes to brewing up your favorite cup of coffee, you likely appreciate the pungent aromas, flavorful taste profile and quick pick me up – but did you also know you get many health benefits from every sip of java you take? That’s right. Coffee is full of powerful antioxidants, restorative vitamins and energy-driving stimulants that are great for your physical and mental health. 

Fun Facts About Dominican Coffee

Fun Facts About Dominican Coffee

Through the past several hundred years, the production of coffee in the Dominican Republic has been refined to perfection. If you’ve heard good things about Dominican coffee, it’s not surprising – as one of the smaller producers and exporters of coffee, the country doesn’t get much credit for their rich beans, grown in high-altitude conditions so as to offer more complex flavors. But they should. 

Why Choose Whole Bean Coffee Over Ground Coffee

Whole Bean Coffee Over Ground Coffee

Whether you can’t start your morning without a cup of joe or you’re just a casual sipper who loves testing different styles of coffee, one thing’s for certain – the endless debate between whole bean coffee vs. ground coffee rages on. And, all lovers of coffee are stuck right in the middle, trying to decide which side to root for. While each has its own unique pros and cons, we support Team Whole Bean. Here are a few reasons why.