5 Reasons Why Small-Batch Roasting Produces Better Coffee

The best coffee roasters have the perfect mix of artistic creativity and scientific intuition. Small batch coffee comes from taking extra care during the roasting process, so these skills come in handy. From higher-quality beans to more diverse roast types to more complex flavor profiles and more, this specialty grade coffee is sure to impress even the most haughty coffee enthusiasts.

So skip the mass-produced can of grounds found at the grocery store – let’s take a look at five reasons why small batch roasting produces better coffee and why you need to try this exquisite type of bean today.

What Is Small Batch Coffee?

While there are no definitive numbers as to what makes a batch of coffee small, most manufacturers tend to stick to weights of 50 lbs or less. Roasters are given the freedom to experiment with high-quality beans, affecting the end taste of a brewed cup. Whether that means blending different varieties, playing with the roasting heat or timing, or developing certain flavor profiles, the goal is to produce a one-of-a-kind batch of beans.

A small-batch roastery chooses a manufacturing process that favors quality over quantity. This differs from larger coffee manufacturers who don’t have a financial incentive to reduce output and increase quality. They roast as much coffee as possible at once to meet high demand and keep costs low. 

Why Drink Small Batch Coffee?

Now that you know what small batch coffee is and its manufacturing process, let’s explore a few key reasons why you should drink it. Overall, you can expect a fresher, tastier and more eco-friendly bean that’s been roasted to perfection.

1) Small batch beans are fresher and higher quality

Small batch coffee beans normally come from smaller operations who put an emphasis on freshness. With large brands like Folgers or Maxwell House, you can be all but certain that their coffee has not been roasted as recently. These brands often harvest and roast their coffee beans months before they end up on grocery store shelves, so they’re stale by the time they’re scooped into your brewing machine.

2) Small batch beans are sustainably sourced 

A big component of the small batch coffee industry is that the beans are sustainably sourced and support local farmers throughout the world. With responsible sourcing of beans, the global agricultural industry will stay healthy for generations to come. Many times, the manufacturer you’re buying from is a family farm or group of locals, so you can feel good knowing you’re supporting a passionate community.

3) Small batch roasting achieves unique flavor profiles

Roasting smaller batches of coffee allows for more consistent flavor production. This is because it exposes more of the bean’s surface in a way that better brings out its subtle aromas. The roast also needs to be adjusted for every unique type of bean, since no two crops are the same. Even if they’re the same color and size, their roast profile could be on opposite ends of the spectrum.

4) Small batch coffees blends great

Similarly, small batch coffee is often blended with other types of coffee to achieve unique and distinct finishes. Blends deal with the result of combining two or more types of coffee beans, and is where a lot of the unexpectedly enjoyable coffee creations come from. However, it is a process, so don’t give up on a manufacturer if you try a bag of beans and they don’t quite hit your palate the right way. With patience, you’ll be rewarded with the coffee industry’s most exclusive formulas.

5) Great for brewing at home

If you’re interested in learning more about the coffee brewing process and becoming your own barista, small batch coffee will give you a fun type of bean to experiment with. Whether you’re trying to craft the perfect latte, a strong espresso or a basic cup of java, the flavor opportunities are essentially limitless.

Try Small-Batch Coffee And Enjoy The Best

The next time you’re picking up coffee, skip the mega-brands and go straight for the small batch roasters who are producing some of the best coffee in the industry. With their higher-quality beans, complex flavor profiles, experimental blends and more, small roasters are capturing the attention of coffee-loving consumers everywhere. So, no more delaying – pick up a high-quality of small batch coffee and try it for yourself!

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