8 Benefits Of Brewing Whole Bean Coffee

If you’re a coffee savant, chances are you require a freshly-ground batch of whole bean coffee every morning before you can step out the door. But, if you happen to enjoy a cup of joe every now and then, you may be wondering what the big deal is about whole bean coffee – why has it taken over grocery store shelves and café menus? What happened to the days where everyone had a giant tub of Folgers in their cupboard, tossed some into the instant coffee maker and called it a day? Well, there are plenty of reasons why whole bean coffee has become such a hot commodity. That’s because it provides many great benefits over alternatives like grounds, K-cups and other pre-packaged products. Let’s take a look at why whole beans reign supreme in the coffee industry.

1) More Flavorful

The simplest reason why people prefer whole beans over other options is because they simply taste better. Since you grind the beans immediately before you brew your pot of coffee, it allows for maximum flavor retention because essential oils, sugars and acids aren’t able to evaporate as they do with pre-ground coffee.

2) Sustainability

Whole beans are perhaps the most environmentally friendly option, compared to alternatives like instant coffee or the notorious K-cups. Many whole bean producers deliver their products direct from farm to table and are committed to employing minimal processing to their beans. Coffee products that come individually packaged like K-Cups, on the other hand, are causing serious environmental harm. Data published in a recent New York Times article showed that about 75 percent of plastic coffee pods end up in landfills.

3) Control Of Acidity & Bitterness

With a specialized grinder, you can break down coffee beans as finely or as coarsely as you wish. This gives you complete control of how much acidity makes its way through to your cup of coffee. So, no matter what type of taste profile you want to achieve, you can brew a new-favorite concoction up in almost no time.

4) Often Produced By Small, Single-Origin Farms

Many high-quality single-origin farms and small organic manufacturers specialize in whole bean production, as it allows for maximum traceability and minimum impact to their land. This allows you to source some fantastically unique beans from the next-big hit in the coffee industry, and feel good doing it.

5) Stays Fresher For Longer

When coffee is ground, it allows the flavors to evaporate from the bean, and causes coffee to taste bland and stale. Think of it like you would a piece of fruit – you usually cut up a strawberry and eat it immediately, right? Leaving it out for even a half hour causes it to rot and sour. The same concept applies to whole bean coffee vs. ground bean coffee. Keeping the interior of the bean preserved within its natural casing allows it to stay fresher for longer. This means you can store it for months without having to worry about it going bad.

6) More Varieties To Choose From

If you’re searching for a certain roast or flavor profile, you’re much more likely to find it in whole bean form than in ground form. There are more whole bean varieties to choose from because ground coffee requires too many beans to produce efficiently, and the supplier simply can’t keep up. The best coffee beans in the world are usually supplied by exclusive brands offering specialty runs. 

7) Keeps Your Coffee Budget In Check

While the local coffee shop may craft a delicious caffeinated beverage, you’ll save a ton of dough by making your favorite drinks at home – plus, with whole bean coffee, it will be equally as fresh as your favorite café. We’ve all heard the old adage about small purchases adding up over time, but this time there’s some truth to that, depending on how often you’re making purchases at coffeehouses. A recent study supported this – brewing a cup of coffee at home generally costs around 18 cents, whereas even just $5 a week purchasing coffee at a shop adds up to $240 a year, which isn’t chump change.

8) Whole Bean Coffee Is Healthier

Another great benefit of whole bean coffee is that it’s generally healthier than other types of coffee. That’s because they contain the antioxidant, chlorogenic acid (CGA), which has been shown to help with weight loss and nervous system regeneration. In addition, caffeine in coffee beans can provide a number of benefits like improvements in short-term memory, faster reaction times, decreased fatigues and a reduction in headaches.

We’re craving some whole bean coffee – are you?

Whole bean coffee remains the most superior force in the beverage industry, bringing you freshness, taste, variety and health benefits, all in one little package. With so many benefits to consuming ground coffee, it’s no wonder that coffee connoisseurs everywhere are clamoring to get their hands on the latest and greatest batches of beans. The days of stale, flavorless coffees are over – make the switch to whole bean coffee and start your day off right!

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