Beginner’s Guide to Arabica and Robusta Coffee

The world of coffee is saturated with confusing terms, from cappuccino to peaberry. If you’re looking into the background of your favorite whole bean coffee, you will likely see one of two terms pop up frequently: arabica or robusta. These two distinct varieties of coffee are different species of the same plant and can lead to some very different results in the cup. Which one will you prefer? Keep reading to find out!


What’s Special About Arabica Coffee?

Arabica is the most popular variety of coffee. Over half of the coffee that’s served and consumed around the world originates from arabica beans. Arabica is known for its taste. It naturally has a much higher concentration of sugar, which makes it more palatable for the average coffee consumer. The sweeter, smoother taste often has notes of fruit, chocolate, and sugar. If you’re primarily making your choice of coffee over the taste, arabica truly is the way to go!


What’s Special About Robusta Coffee?

Robusta tends to have more caffeine than its arabica counterparts. It also has less acidity, but it’s pretty bitter. This is why it’s commonly used in espresso and instant coffee. While some people think of this as a more acquired taste, others think it’s just a burnt flavor. The extra caffeine is actually to blame for that bitterness. If you’re looking at the cost of your coffee, of course, the specific types of beans and the company will affect the cost. Usually, robusta is much cheaper than arabica. This is because robusta also tends to be easier to grow as it’s more resilient and doesn’t tend to have problems with pests.


How Much Does Coffee Species Really Matter?

One final note on arabica and robusta coffee is that there are still different varieties within both these categories. For example, if you’re purchasing Kona coffee, you’re getting coffee from arabica beans that have been grown in Hawaii. This type of arabica will still have a different flavor and characteristics compared to other types of arabica such as Caturra.


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