Coffee Gift Guide: Pick Up These Products For A Special Occasion

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, a special holiday or you’re just looking for a gift for yourself, there are all sorts of great things you can give to the coffee enthusiast in your life. From insulated mugs and other types of specialized drinkware to high-quality brewing equipment for DIYers to coffee gadgets like desktop warming coasters, there are a ton of options that will help your present stand out.


Here are a few great coffee-themed gift ideas that you can give to almost anyone. Time to celebrate!

Insulated Coffee Mugs

With single-, double- and sometimes even triple-insulated mugs, beverages can stay hot (or cold) for hours on end. This is a good coffee gift idea for those who live the jet-setting lifestyle, always on the go. With its versatility, functionality and style, insulated coffee mugs are always a crowd pleaser.

Insulated coffee mug gifts

Corkcicle Coffee Mugs: Keep drinks hot for three hours with this triple-insulated drinkware.

Camino Coffee Mugs By Fressko: With its unique reusable aesthetic, the Camino cup is easy to carry, available in two sizes and made of stainless steel. 

Other Special Types Of Coffee Drinkware

You don’t have to stop at an insulated mug. There are an incredible variety of drinkware to enjoy different types of coffee drinks out of. From espresso shots to latte tumblers to glass coffee cups, there are a lot of choices. Coffee just tastes better out of high-quality drinkware, so it’s sure to be a present that’s appreciated by flavor snobs.

Coffee drinkware gifts

Monty Milk Art Espresso Cups: In an attractive matte finish and gold-lined base, this espresso shot glass is sure to provide a luxurious sipping experience.

Moderno Glass Coffee Mugs: Bring the diner setting to your home with this eight-set of classic mugs.

French Press Makers

Anyone who loves coffee needs a classic French press maker. This device will craft a pure cup of coffee in just minutes. With its simple carafe and attached plunger, it’s almost impossible to buy the wrong thing – an added gift-giving bonus.

French press gifts

Espro French Press: With dual micro-mesh filters, coffee stays completely free of stray grounds and other flavor-altering contaminants.

Clara French Press: This is a modern take on a classic, that will brew a bold, rich cup of java, and look good doing it.

Fresh Coffee Beans

You can’t go wrong with giving a few packages of high-quality coffee beans. Put a personal touch on this gift by roasting raw beans from your local organic grocery store yourself – the process is easy and only takes a few minutes. 

Coffee bean gifts

Inflight Fuel Coffee: This full-bodied coffee was designed by pilots to provide the perfect combination of smooth flavors and moderate caffeine strength. 


Tango Light Roast
Bravo Medium Roast

Romeo Dark Roast


All of which are available for purchase here


Pour Over Coffee Pot

Pour over coffee pots look like tea kettles with much narrower spouts. This method allows for a natural-tasting cup of coffee for anyone looking for a burst of flavor in their morning routine. Many models also come with an accompanying heater, so it’s an all-in-one package. 

Pour over coffee gifts

Tipsy Barista Coffee Maker: This no-frills coffee maker is a workhorse, featuring three capacities, stainless steel filter and stylish design.

Pergold Tribest: This electric pour over pot offers two-cup automatic functionality that keeps beverages warm, all in one attractive package. 

Coffee Brewing Tools

If you’re searching for a coffee gift with functionality, consider giving a set of brewing tools and related accessories. From high-quality grinders to specialized filters to hand-made tampers and so much more, these can be added to a coffee-themed gift set or work great on their own.

Coffee brewing tool gifts

Saint Anthony Industries Thoroughgood Espresso Tamp: With fine craftsmanship, this tamp comes in walnut, cherry or hard maple wood and includes a solid steel base.

Yama Manual Coffee Grinder: A must-have for any serious coffee junkie, this grinder provides complete control over grind size and coarseness, producing reliably uniform particles for better tasting coffee.

Arteao Barista Kit: This all-in-one kit provides everything a modern barista needs, including a handmade bowl, bamboo whisk and stand.

Electric Coffee Coaster

If there’s a coffee lover in your life who’s always at the office, a USB-powered warming coffee coaster will make a great gift for them. These little devices can plug into almost any computer and act as a warming plate, while keeping their desk free from damage-causing moisture.

Electric coffee coaster gifts

Vobaga Coffee Coaster: This coaster-warmer combo comes with three temperature settings in a sleek wooden finish.

Ember Mug 2: Great for both the home or office, this warmer also comes with a temperature-controlled mug, supplying the perfect amount of heat.

Enjoy Your Celebration – Cheers!

When you’re searching for that perfect gift for the special person in your life, consider picking up one of several coffee-themed items that they’re sure to love. From functional insulated mugs to  tech-friendly gadgets like warming coasters to a delicious bag of beans, the possibilities are endless. So, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, holiday or just trying to make someone feel special, consider any one of the coffee gifts above and be the hit of the party!