Does Whole Bean Coffee Taste Better?

If you’re a coffee fanatic who can’t start the day without a fresh cup of java, then you likely know the benefits of using whole beans in the brewing process. But, to those who are coffee novices, you may not know between the only two styles of beans, one reigns supreme over the other. With that said, let’s find out why whole bean coffee tastes better than ground alternatives.

An Explainer On Whole Bean Coffee

Whole bean coffee is the entire bean, untouched beyond the roasting process. On the other hand, pre-ground coffee is a bean that’s been crushed into a coarse or fine blend and has undergone extra processing. Because whole beans are still in their natural form, much of its internal oils and chemicals stay protected by the impermeable outer shell. As soon as that bean is ground, oxygen causes those flavors to evaporate. That’s why it’s so important to grind beans immediately before brewing a pot of coffee. In just a few seconds, the flavor simply starts to disappear.

Whole bean coffee is fresher

Continuing with that point, a whole bean will almost always be fresher than pre-ground coffee. Any manufactured coffee grounds go stale before it even hits grocery store shelves. On the other hand, grinding immediately before brewing leads to a better-tasting drink, since your beans have retained the flavorful sugars, acids and other essential oils that enhance coffee’s complex aromas.

Whole bean coffee lasts longer

If you’re just a casual coffee drinker who consumes a few cups a month, a bag of beans will keep for much longer compared to grounds. Vacuum sealed and placed in the freezer, beans will stay good for over three years. Even in just a basic air-tight tupperware and set in the cupboard, they’ll be drinkable for up to a year or longer. The original packaging usually keeps beans safe to consume for at least six months.

Other benefits of whole bean coffee

Of course, that’s not the only reason why whole beans are the smarter, more flavorful option compared to coffee grounds. Here are a few other benefits of choosing fresh, whole bean coffee:


  • Whole coffee beans are a good option for offices: For bulk purchases, buying in bean form makes sense because they don’t expire. Plus, office workers are sure to love a higher-quality coffee to push them through the workday.
  • Control your grind size: Whether you want a fine powder for a highly concentrated espresso shot or a coarser grind that’s able to steep in a French press for hours, the grind size will determine the intensity of your coffee. With whole beans, you can use your burr grinder to achieve almost any coarseness and experiment with unlimited flavor possibilities.
  • Whole beans are more sustainable: If you’re concerned about being a responsible coffee drinker, then you should know that buying whole beans makes a smaller impact on the environment by reducing stress on farms and lowering manufacturing requirements. More and more organic and eco-friendly brands seem to be popping up in the industry, pushing people to become more environmentally responsible consumers by offering their own version of whole bean coffee.

Why Do People Drink Ground Coffee?

So, with all of the great benefits of whole bean coffee, from its freshness, flavor, sustainability and more, why do people still tend to drink ground coffee in greater amounts? Well, there is one big benefit that comes to mind. 


Grounds offer convenience. And while it’s an obvious advantage, it’s not as significant as you’d think. Basic grinders are a few dollars at your local culinary housewares or grocery store and it only takes a few extra seconds to do the deed. A few quick twists of the wrist and you have uniform, appropriately sized grounds. You only need to introduce one additional step into the process and you’re on your way to a more delicious cup of coffee.


Beyond this, you may consider grounds if you’re trying to decrease the price of your shopping list. Grounds tend to come in larger quantities for a lower price. But, you’re sacrificing flavor, so there is a cost. Similarly, some people don’t want to invest the money in a grinder or automatic brewing machine, as high-end equipment can get pricey. 

So, Does Whole Bean Coffee Taste Better? Yes!

Simply put, whole bean coffee will almost always offer more flavor, freshness and quality compared to ground coffee. Because you grind the bean right before you put it in the coffee brewer, it retains many of the essential sugars and compounds that give you an enjoyable and invigorating coffee sipping experience. 

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