Fun Facts About Dark Roast Coffee

Anyone who’s obsessed with coffee has their own favorite roast. Those who prefer a beverage with unmatched smoothness and smokiness, with the right level of acidity and caffeine, likely have dark roast coffee bags lining their cupboard shelves. If you’re a fanatic for dark roast, you might be familiar with some of this information, but if you’re thinking of switching up your coffee routine, here are a few convincing reasons to do so. Let’s take a look at some fun facts about dark roast coffee that are sure to please any type of java enthusiast!

Dark Roasting Coffee Caramelizes Sugars

During the roasting process, dark roast coffee beans are cooked to a higher internal temperature which causes the delightful natural sugars to caramelize. This coats the outer shell of the bean in flavorful oils that also give the beans their unmistakably dark hue. This leads to a bolder taste compared to medium and light roast beans.

Dark Roast Coffee Has A Robust Flavor Profile

Because a lot of the sucrose is cooked out of dark roast coffee, it offers a heavier-bodied, low-acidity finish. The end taste supplies a rich smokiness that can often carry hints of chocolate, brown sugar, toasted nuts, and other decadent molecules. Additionally, it retains its taste even when the cream is added because it’s much heavier than lighter roast alternatives.

Similar Caffeine Content To Other Roasts

While there are ways to control the amount of caffeine in your pot of coffee, most roasts have similar amounts per bean. It’s a common misconception that lighter coffee contains a significantly larger amount of caffeine when in reality dark coffee has the same amount pound for pound. Because dark roast offers a more complex taste, people often wrongly assume that it means a stronger coffee – but it’s just a different flavor profile.

You Can Roast Dark Coffee Beans At Home

Pick up a package of raw beans and you can start roasting at home with ease. You can roast beans in a pan, grill, oven or purpose-built roasting machine. It only takes a few minutes to reach the appropriate temperatures to achieve the first crack. When the timer beeps, enjoy a coffeehouse-worthy cup of joe.

Dark Roast Beans Are Roasted In Under 10 Minutes

Once you choose your roasting strategy, it only takes about five to eight minutes to cook the beans. Between three to five minutes, you’ll hear the “first crack”. This is an audible cracking sound the bean emits after it reaches a certain internal temperature, and indicates you’ve reached a minimally roasted light-colored bean. The second crack should occur two to four minutes after that and tells you that the bean is now at a dark-roast level. Leave the beans to cook for a few more seconds, usually up to 30 seconds, and remove before they burn. 

Dark Roast Beans Are Roasted At High Temperatures

Dark roast beans achieve the hottest internal temperature, about 100°F hotter than a light roast. Depending on the roasting method and your personal preferences, dark roast beans should be cooked to an internal temperature between 350°F to 500°F. 

Dark Roast Beans Provide Many Health Benefits

Dark roast coffee beans are a great addition to a healthy diet. Rich in antioxidants, essential vitamins and invigorating caffeine, every cup provides a number of great benefits. For example, caffeine has been shown to lower the risk of cognitive diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, while vitamins E and B12 contribute to healthy red blood cell levels and a reduction in body weight. 

Dark Roast Coffee Can Be Good For The Stomach

According to a study published by Wired, dark roast coffee is better for your stomach than lighter roasts because it prevents the buildup of upsetting hydrochloric acid. Additionally, by increasing the stomach’s pH levels, dark coffee prevents acid reflux. 

Dark Is The Second-Most Popular Roast Type

These coffee beans give you the chance to experiment with your coffee’s flavor profile. As such, it’s more like an expression of art than a scientific concoction. This has led to a massive increase in the popularity of dark roast – in fact, it’s the second-most popular roast in the USA, behind its medium-roast counterpart. 

Now you know why dark roast rules! 

With these fun facts, it’s easy to see why so many people love dark roast coffee. Whether you’re a casual sipper or a coffee connoisseur, consider experimenting with a more robust bean and achieve the flavor profile that will bring your senses alive. With the right level of acidity and caffeine, toasty aromas, and a smooth finish, dark roast coffee is sure to become your new favorite – give it a try today!

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