Fun Facts About Medium Roast Coffee

You may not think the roast color is an important thing to consider before brewing up a cup of joe, but for coffee aficionados, it’s something we think about often. That’s because light, medium, and dark roast coffees all have their own unique flavor profiles. For those who prefer a traditional, mellow, and well-rounded taste, you likely consider medium roast your go-to bean type. Even if you don’t know the differences in roast colors, you can gain a lot by incorporating medium roast into your beverage lineup rotation – let’s take a look at some fun facts about medium roast coffee that are sure to make you excited to sit back and sip.

Medium Roast Is Great For Coffee Novices

Coffee roasts are sorted by their hue, which varies from a light brown to a dark brown. Medium roast falls right in the center of that spectrum and is a great introduction to the world of coffee for new enthusiasts. You can find medium roast coffee beans and grounds at almost any store that sells food products, as this staple is one of the biggest crowd-pleasers. After you’ve experimented with a medium roast, it’ll be easier to tell if you prefer less acidity as you’d get with a light roast or more richness with a dark roast. 

Approachable Medium Roast For Everyone

It’s a fact that medium roast coffee is the most popular coffee in the country, followed by dark roast in second and light roast in third. Its smooth, mild taste allows for an approachability that other types of roasts simply don’t offer. In other words, you can almost never go wrong bringing a pack of medium roast to the proverbial party.

A Balanced, Well-Rounded Flavor Profile

A balanced, well-rounded flavor profile makes medium roast coffee less fruity and acidic than light roast, but not as robustly rich as a dark roast. With medium roast beans, you’ll achieve tastes that are moderately sweet, with the right mix of smokiness and fruitiness. Because they’re not roasted as long as dark beans, they do maintain some of their natural flavors – so you get the best of both worlds. 

A Great Starting Point For Roasting Experimentation

If you’ve always wanted to try roasting raw coffee beans, a medium level is a good place to start. The longer a coffee bean is roasted, the more its flavor changes. With new coffee beans, a medium roast will be the most forgiving approach, as you can remove them from your roaster after you hear the first crack. To experiment with different tastes, a medium roast is a tasty and reliable starting point.

Medium Roast Coffee Is Good For You

Coffee can be a great addition to your diet, providing many health benefits with its abundance of antioxidants, vitamins, and caffeine. With a lighter roast, you’ll find higher levels of the important antioxidant, polyphenol chlorogenic acid (CGA). This helps with a number of ailments, from inflamed joints to cell damage to high cholesterol and more. Vitamins and caffeine also give you a boost of energy while reducing headaches and boosting memory function.

Medium Roast Beans Go By Many Names

The medium roast category is broken down further into three specific categories. They go by the names of city roast, full-city roast and Viennese roast:


  • City roast: The lightest-colored medium roast with the most mild flavor.
  • Full-city roast: The most popular of the three, providing the right middle-point between city roast and Viennese roast.
  • Viennese roast: The darkest-color medium roast with the strongest, smokiest flavor.

Medium Roast’s Caffeine Content

The majority of us drink coffee for a mental pick-me-up. This is where caffeine content comes into play. So, where does medium roast sit in its ability to give you a jolt of energy? That will depend on whether you’re weighing your coffee beans or scooping them before putting them into your coffee machine. 


The longer you cook a bean, the larger it becomes. So, if you’re scooping beans, lighter beans are smaller and thus, you can fit more into your dripper. Dark beans, however, are larger and will equal fewer beans per scoop and therefore, less caffeine. Medium roast beans are a great middle-ground, resulting in a more consistent level of caffeination regardless of how you measure your beans. 

And those are some of the reasons why medium roast rocks!

Now that you know some fun facts about medium roast coffee, you can get started experimenting with your preferred flavor profile. Providing the right balance of sweet and smokey, high levels of healthy antioxidants, and a mild level of caffeine, medium roast coffee likely checks a lot of your boxes. Give it a try for yourself and find out why it’s such a popular roast – afterward, you may find yourself stocking up on more!

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