How To Choose A New Office Coffee

No matter what type of professional organization you’re in charge of, there’s one thing that’s certain – you need to find a type of wholesale coffee that will please the majority of your employees. This means choosing a bean type that’s flavorful, sustainable and appears to be manufactured to a certain quality. On top of that, you need to consider the economics of such a decision. Although it’s an essential purchase, there are a few ways to bring down costs that affect your bottom line.

So, if you’re looking for a new commercial coffee supplier, here’s a few tips on finding the right partner for your organization’s needs.

Take An Office Poll

First, since coffee has come to become an expected benefit of working at an office, you need to consider the feelings of your co-workers. While you may love a robust dark roast, heavy with cream, others may prefer a blonde roast that’s more exciting to the palate. With a range of tastes, it may be hard to choose just one. A poll can help you gather a few popular options so you can better inform your decision on what type of coffee to buy moving forward.

Consider Price

The quality of your coffee should always be a major consideration. But, we can’t ignore the price. The highest-quality beans may not even provide that much better flavor if your employees aren’t coffee connoisseurs – which, unless you operate a café, most probably aren’t. However, you don’t want to buy a low-quality bean, either. Make sure to get a variety of quotes before partnering with a new supplier. Don’t choose the first contract you’re presented with, unless you want to be stuck with overpriced beans. 

Decide How Much Coffee Your Office Needs

You’ll have to do some manual calculations in order to understand how much coffee to buy for the office. Studies have shown that on average, workers drink about 1,000 cups of coffee every year, so you have a lot of counting ahead of you. Create a questionnaire about coffee consumption among your co-workers to find out how much coffee everyone drinks a day. Use those numbers to determine how many bags of coffee you need, and adjust batch to batch.

Consider Coffee Type

We all know about the age-old rivalry of fresh beans vs. ground coffee. Again, this may be best left up for employees to decide, however it’s important to remember that coffee lasts longer in bean form. So, if you’re buying in bulk and worried about excess going bad, whole bean coffee is the smarter financial decision. Additionally, whole beans are a more affordable option than purchasing single-serve alternatives like instant coffee packets, K-Cups or disposable pods.

Look Around For Local Options

In almost every city there’s an office coffee supplier that is likely willing to work with you to bring down costs and form a long-term partnership. Some big advantages of this approach are that they’re always nearby, able to respond to urgent requests or make special deliveries. If your wholesale bean supplier is located in another state, this isn’t possible. Supporting fellow local businesses is always a good look in the professional world.

Ask About Supplemental Product And Service Offerings

To help narrow down your list of coffee suppliers, make sure to ask about any additional products or services that they offer. This provides you with a level of convenience. Everything you need, from cups, creamers, sugar and makers, all come from a single place. Plus, they’ll likely be able to service any broken machines or respond to any requests in a timely manner.

Now you’re ready to pick out your new office coffee!

If you’re looking for a new wholesale coffee partner, just follow the tips above to get you started off on the right foot. Remember to pick out a coffee with the right mix of quality and affordability in order to satisfy your co-workers without erasing your budget. A bean that’s flavorful, sustainable and energizing is always going to be a welcome addition to the breakroom, giving employees the boost they need to get through the workday.

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