How To Make Coffee Without A Grinder

When it comes to brewing up the best cup of java possible, freshly ground beans are an essential component. Some people simply can’t drink a cup of coffee that’s made with stale grounds or that something from a single-serve packet – no, only the highest-caliber beans will do. This is where a coffee grinder comes in handy. 

A grinder is a small device that crushes and chops coffee beans up into smaller and smaller particles until they’ve reached a specific coarseness or fineness. This action releases the many flavorful sugars and oils located inside the bean, allowing them to infuse with water until the concoction becomes the delicious beverage you know as coffee.

But, sometimes you don’t want to make a trip to the store or spend the money on an expensive grinding device. That’s completely fine, as there are DIY ways to break down beans at home. Let’s take a look at how you can make coffee without a grinder.

Do I Need A Coffee Grinder?

Ultimately, no you don’t need a coffee grinder. However, it will make the entire brewing process much more efficient and provide a more consistent particle size. With this, you get a smoother, more flavorful cup of coffee because the bean is crushed uniformly. 

The two main types of coffee grinders are the burr grinder and blade grinder. The burr grinder uses two rotating discs to crush coffee beans to the most uniform size possible. A blade grinder in comparison uses a single blade to rapidly chop the bean into smaller pieces. In general, a blade grinder is the much more affordable alternative, but doesn’t produce the highest-quality results.

How To Grind Coffee Without A Grinder

Thankfully, you don’t need much to break-down coffee using some simple items you have laying around your home. Let’s take a look at some strategies to grind coffee without a grinder:

Food processor

A food processor is much like a larger version of a classic blade grinder, so it will produce similar results. You won’t be able to adjust the coarseness of your grind, but it’ll be good enough to brew up a reliable cup of coffee. 

Rolling pin method

One of the easiest methods to grind coffee beans at home is with a rolling pin. Simply place your beans in a sturdy plastic baggie and roll over the beans until they’ve reached your target consistency.

Mortar and pestle

Place a small quantity of beans at the bottom of the mortar. Take your pestle and slowly crush the beans using a twisting motion. This technique combines a hammering and rolling motion to help create a consistent grind that can reach the finest particle size. The only drawback? The mortar is small. If you need to grind more, refill the mortar with more beans and repeat the process.

Blender method

If you have a blender, then you’re in luck, because this method provides an easy way to grind beans without a proper grinder. Simply place your beans into the blender jar and press the “pulse” button continuously for up to 30 seconds. Remember, that with this method, the blender motor can heat up and burn the beans if left in long enough. So keep it short.

Knife method

Another manual option is to crush up coffee beans with a large knife. First, gather a chopping board and lay out a handful of beans. Hold your knife on its side and bring the flat part of the blade down onto the beans. Press down on the blade and draw it toward you to crush the beans in an even manner. With this method, you can expect to achieve a medium to medium-fine grind.

Hammer method

The most unrefined method on the list is the smashing approach. A wooden tenderizer works great for this, but you can use any old hammer. Find a safe place in the house, then smash your beans after placing them in a sturdy baggie to contain any rogue fragments.

Now You Know How To Grind Coffee At Home!

Now that you know how to make coffee without a grinder, you can choose the technique based on the utensils you have laying around your kitchen. There’s nothing wrong with the DIY approach when it comes to breaking down a fresh batch of beans – in fact, it can be a fun, therapeutic experience. Although you can’t achieve a fully uniform, consistent particle size, you can still get close to the results of a higher-quality grinder with a little effort and ingenuity. 


From rolling pins to blenders to food processors and even hammers, there are a variety of methods out there to help you grind coffee beans. And, when it comes to brewing up the best cup of joe possible, that’s a much-needed advantage. Happy sipping!

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