How To Make Pour Over Coffee at Home

When you’re searching for that classic cup of coffee, you can’t beat a hot beverage prepared with the pour over method – especially when you can make it at home. For those who love a no-frills setup that doesn’t require expensive equipment or fancy doo-dads, a pour over brew may be the ideal choice for you. At the end, you get one of the purest representations of a coffee bean’s flavor. And, although this method has been adopted by specialty coffee enthusiasts and café baristas, it’s incredibly easy to make yourself from the comfort of your own home kitchen.

So, are you ready to fall in love with a new classic? Then keep reading to learn more about making an excellent pour over coffee that’s sure to excite your senses.

What Is Pour Over Coffee?

Pour over is a method of brewing coffee that involves pouring hot water over grounds in a filter. A container beneath the filter collects the liquid coffee that drips through the filter. Because you get control over how much water is poured over the coffee during the brewing process, it’s easy to change strength and flavor profile. For this reason, it’s seen a revival in popularity in recent years, especially among single-origin and high-end coffeehouses who offer up their own “manual” pour over brews.

The pour over method is one of the most effective brewing methods for extracting intricate aromas and flavors from high-quality coffee beans. Because it’s crafted under the infusion technique, pour overs tend to retain a lot of the essential oils that give coffee its characteristic taste. Unlike French press or cold brew methods, where the coffee is immersed in sitting water, pour over tastes a bit better because there’s a constant stream

Pour Over Coffee Equipment

Pour over coffee is a much easier process with some special equipment. Pick up  some of the following items to ensure your drink tastes great every time you brew a batch:

  • Coffee dripper with a filter area.
  • Gooseneck kettle – these are defined by their thin, curved neck that juts out from the body.
  • An adjustable burr grinder for the right coarse size.
  • Culinary weight scale.
  • Cream, sugar or other sweeteners.

If you’re not looking to make an investment in pour over coffee supplies, there are some do-it-yourself alternatives that may better suit you.

How To Make Pour Over Coffee

Now that you know why pour over coffee is great and you’ve gathered the proper equipment, it’s time to start brewing! Follow the steps below to get started with your next delicious cup of joe.

Step 1) Sanitize your pour over brewing equipment

Taste-altering bacteria and harmful mold thrive in humid environments, so you want to make sure your brewing equipment is free from contaminants before starting. First, do a thorough cleaning of any carafes, filter baskets or other items involved in the process. Second, place your filter in the brewer and rinse it with hot water. This removes any lingering residues from the manufacturing of the filter. Start your machine to warm your brewer to the optimal temperature of about 200°F.

Step 2) Achieve the right coffee bean grind size

As with any type of brewing method, your coffee is going to taste best by grinding fresh beans right before you place them into the filter. Flavors can start to evaporate from freshly ground beans in just a few seconds, so it’s important to insert the beans immediately after grinding.

A burr grinder is a recommended piece of pour over equipment because it grinds beans to a uniform, controllable size. This provides a more effective way of extracting the coffee’s intricate flavors. It’s recommended to use a medium-coarse grind, as that will provide the right balance of flavor through the water extraction process.

Step 3) Start with an easy coffee-to-water ratio

The make-it or break-it moment comes when measuring the ratio of coffee to water. As a starting point, we recommend weighing out one gram of coffee to every 17 grams of water, or 1:17 ratio. If the end result is too strong or weak, try making small adjustments to your ratio with the next batch. You can also try changing your grind size or water temperature.

Step 4) Understand how to pour the water

It’s time to put your grounds into your filter and start the pouring process. During this step, your main goal is to prevent channeling, an event where water moves around clumps of ground coffee rather than through them. The right pour will help you craft the most flavorful cup of coffee – and there are a few strategies you can try:

  • Bloom pouring: This refers to how the coffee seems to “bloom” or bubble as the water replaces pockets of carbon dioxide when pouring. Slowly pour twice the amount of water as there is coffee over the grounds – e.g. 20 milliliters of water for 10 grams of coffee. Wait at least 30 seconds for the grounds to fully settle so the gasses don’t disrupt an even extraction process.
  • Continuous pouring: Keep up your pour throughout the process as consistently as possible, with the goal of keeping saturation even.
  • Pulse pouring: In contrast, this approach involves using several equal pours in both volume, number and time intervals. This is a good way to prevent rogue grounds from creeping into the filter basket, while allowing them to come into closer contact with water.
  • Agitation pouring: Just like it sounds, agitation pouring involves disturbing the coffee grounds during the brewing process with the intent to prevent channeling and air pockets. This can involve a gentle shaking of your pour over maker or simple stirring of its contents.

Best Of Luck With Making A Pour Over Coffee!

Now that you know what goes into making a delicious pour over coffee, you can get started brewing up your batch today – make sure to pick up some essential equipment, some high-quality beans and practice your pouring. Soon, you’ll be crafting a fresh batch of java every morning in the comfort of your own home!

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