The Best Ways To Drink Dominican Coffee

The tropical climate and elevated landscape of the Dominican Republic provides some of the most unique coffee growing conditions in the world. Café Dominicano is a popular drink in the country, even occupying the title of national (non-alcoholic) beverage. Because their export levels are fairly low, the country tends to get overlooked by larger-producing counterparts like Colombia or Ethiopia. But the Dominican’s commitment to growing high-quality beans on countless acres of ever-improving farmland is causing people to take notice of this Caribbean island. 

So, let’s dive deeper into the communal tradition of growing Dominican coffee and learn how to enjoy these delicious beans as a local would.

What Is Dominican Coffee Like?

Coffee farms in the Dominican Republic are often passed down through generations of families, some for hundreds of years. This has led to a refining of the process over hundreds of years, leading their beans to be arguably the best in Latin America. The reason why the Dominican Republic succeeds in the coffee trade where other nearby countries fail, is because of the island nation’s geological makeup. With four significant mountain ranges across five growing zones, the coffee tree is grown at high altitudes, contributing to more complex flavors as the trees grow slower. Additionally, there is no defined rainy season in the Dominican Republic, so crops receive a consistent source of water year round.

Most farms are local and employ area peasants, picking beans by hand and putting them through the wet milling process. This ultimately has improved the overall quality of the region’s 50,000 farms thanks to a more selective bean-picking process. Rather than push out huge quantities of coffee, the farms are concerned with harvesting, roasting and selling beans in a way that values quality over quantity.

The best ways to drink Dominican coffee

Now that you have some background about why the Dominican Republic is such a successful coffee producer, let’s take a look at the best ways to enjoy this country’s delectable beans. If you happen to be in the country, and someone offers you a Café Dominicano, it may be seen as rude or even downright insulting to refuse – so pour yourself a hefty cup!


  1. Drink it black. Because Dominican beans are so flavorful and unique, they’re delicious all on their own. Enjoy a pure, natural representation of the country’s staple crop.
  2. Adding sweetener, or “azucar” as a Dominican would say, is a popular addition among locals.
  3. Ask for “Café Santo Domingo”. This is one of the most popular local coffee suppliers. It comes in an Arabica dark roast and offers a supremely rich chocolatey-fruity finish.
  4. Taste the latte of the Caribbean. Brew up a café con leche, a mix of coffee and boiled milk, diluted with hot water.
  5. Use a Cafetera Dominicana. Otherwise known as a Dominican coffee maker, this device is perfect for making a quality coffee. It works by forcing boiling water upward through a tube, exposing it to coffee grounds and extracting more natural oils. 


And remember, although coffee may be associated with an on-the-go mentality in the western world, the Dominican people often incorporate coffee to promote laidback way of life. So, when you’re drinking your next cup of Caribbean coffee, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate its many great qualities – from an island vibe to full flavor profile to robust finish and so much more. 

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Now that you know why Dominican coffee is so sought after, you don’t need much more convincing – pick up a bag of these delectable beans and brew up a batch today. Thanks to a desirable climate, unique geological terrain that’s high in elevation and a communal approach to farming the island nation’s fertile soil, this country’s national drink continues to grow in global popularity. And, when you’re ready to enjoy, it’s great in almost any form or fashion.


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