What Does Dark Roast Coffee Taste Like?

For those searching for a coffee with decadent flavors, strong mouthfeel and a smoky finish, dark roast beans are likely the right choice for you. Darker than its light and medium counterparts, this roast profile is a tasty alternative that’s soothing yet robust, making it a popular choice among people who enjoy a strong sipping experience. 

Today, let’s take a look at a few solid reasons why you should consider making the switch to the dark side.

What Does Dark Roast Coffee Taste Like?

The roasting process causes oil to seep out of the bean, coating its surface in a substance that gives a dark roast coffee its characteristic flavor and developing a smokiness as it cooks. Common tasting notes you’ll likely find in a dark roast include chocolate, baking spices, nuts, caramel and brown sugar. Dark roast is also more bitter than light and medium roast which tend to do a better job at retaining more of the bean’s natural acidity. 

What is dark roast coffee?

Behind medium roast, dark roast is the second most popular coffee in the United States, thanks to its strong, bold finish. The bean roasting process takes place over the course of several minutes. The beans experience two “cracks”, or audible sounds after reaching a certain temperature. A lighter roast is removed immediately after the first crack is heard, while dark roasts aren’t pulled until after the second crack. 


Dark beans are roasted at the highest temperature levels, usually anywhere from 450°F to 500°F, allowing its natural sugars to caramelize while removing any trace of sourness that you might find with other types of beans. At an internal temperature as low as 350°F, light roast will be obviously more acidic and bright, while medium roast provides an equal balance between the two, heated to a temperature of no more than 430°F.

Benefits Of Dark Roast Coffee Beans

Dark roast coffee pushes the boundaries as to the type of flavors you can get out of your beans. Unlike light beans, which offer more complex flavors that can surprise you – and not always in a good way –  dark beans are what most people imagine when they think of the “taste of coffee”. 


With the roasting process, you likely know that the darker you go, the more bitter your coffee will end up. But to some people, that’s this bean category’s best quality. Control over the bitterness, which happens when the bean’s flavors are over extracted, is appealing to many types of coffee lovers. Even after adding a hefty dose of cream or sugar, the great classic flavor has no problem shining through.


An additional benefit from drinking dark roast coffee is that it’s good for you. With every mug, you get a large dose of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that few other foods and drinks can supply. Additionally, with as much caffeine as its light and medium roast relatives, dark roast has been linked to higher cognitive health and a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Is dark roast stronger than medium roast?

When it comes to coffee roasts, you should know that caffeine levels don’t differ between light, medium and dark at a noticeable level. While light roasts have more caffeine per scoop, they have the same caffeine content as a dark roast by weight. People often think dark roast is stronger than other styles of coffee because it’s taste is so rich. However, this is just its flavor profile and doesn’t accurately reflect how much caffeine is in dark roast coffee.

Unwind With A Delicious Cup Of Dark Roast Coffee

Now that you know why dark roast coffee is always a delicious choice, you can try these beans today and see if they excite your taste buds. For those that prefer a stronger, bolder and more decadent flavor profile out of their coffee, reach for the dark roast and leave the lights and mediums for someone else. Brew up a batch today!

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