What Is French Press Coffee

One of the most popular ways to brew coffee is with a French press. Even if you’re not a coffee fanatic, you would probably recognize this unique type of coffee maker, with its glass beaker on the bottom and plunger extending from its top. Also known as a coffee press or plunger pot, among other names, this device has been a mainstay in the industry since an early version of it was invented almost 170 years ago.  

So, let’s take a look at this popular coffee brewing method and what you can expect from using a French press.

What Is French Press Coffee?

A French press is a simple machine for brewing coffee. All you need to do to make coffee in a French press is add near-boiling water and ground beans to the glass beaker and press the plunger down to separate remaining particles from the liquid. This method, particularly when utilizing a slow steady plunge, extracts the most oils and flavonoids from the grounds and produces one of the strongest cups of coffee among traditional brewing devices. 


The French press way of brewing, where you soak grounds in water, is also known as the immersion technique. This involves leaving coffee grounds immersed so that its flavors slowly infuse with the water. Because of this, you’ll likely want to use a coarser grind of beans. Too fine of a grind and you may over-extract the coffee’s flavor, leading to a bitter, harsher finish.

Why brew with the French press method?

There are plenty of good reasons to use a French press. The first and most obvious is that it offers a reliable, consistent flavor. This is what has kept it popular for so long – you get a delicious cup of coffee even if you don’t get everything with the brewing process just right. Second, it’s an affordable device compared to specialty coffee makers and electronic brewers. You can find a French press for under $25, and it still has the ability to produce a coffee drink that rivals the most expensive brewing equipment.  Third, a coffee made with a French press takes only a few minutes, but will still turn out heavy bodied. This is because the coffee grounds are immersed in hot water for the whole brewing time rather than passing through the grounds into a pot like in a traditional drip or pour over system. Lastly, the French press method produces some of the most aromatic, flavorful coffee. This is due to its unique filtering mechanism that allows the grounds’ natural oils to seep through to the carafe. Microscopic particles also make their way into the carafe and contribute to a thicker viscosity.

Is French Press Coffee Good?

Yes! French press coffee makers almost always produce a robust cup of coffee. And the best part? In addition to a flavorful finish, it’s also a healthy beverage to drink. In its purest form – AKA brewed by way of French press – coffee provides protection against many ailments, from gout to type two diabetes to colon cancer. With the number of tannins, it’s even good for preventing dental cavities.  And, don’t forget about the caffeine content of French press coffee. After all, the energizing boost we get from our morning joe is a large part of why we’ve become coffee fiends in the first place. Caffeine is great for improving focus, memory and supports healthy cognition. Additionally, it acts as an anti-inflammatory, which is great for reducing pain. For those worried about heart health, know that caffeine shows evidence of reducing heart disease by supporting a healthy vascular system.

Best of luck with your French press coffee!

Now that you know more about the process of making coffee in a French press, you can give it a try yourself. Anyone who wants to become a brewmaster should learn to craft delicious java with this classic device. After all, it’s been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere. With it’s simplistic design and flavorful results, coffee enthusiasts of all types are sure to love a fresh cup of coffee brewed by a French press. Je vous souhaite bonne chance!

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