Which Country Produces The Best Coffee?

When it comes to the best coffee in the world, it’s hard to pick just one winner. There are so many places where coffee grows in its own unique way – offering you, the end consumer, almost full control over how your cup of coffee tastes. From the lowlands of arid Middle Eastern desserts to the high-altitude mountain ranges of the Dominican Republic, and many different types of regions in between, here are some of the top coffee-producing countries in the world. Let’s explore!


Ethiopia is one of the first countries to harvest and export coffee. As such, they’ve certainly had enough time to refine the coffee bean farming and production process. Some of the best varieties of coffee are grown in the highlands of eastern Ethiopia. The country’s communal approach, dominated by small peasant farms, provides some of the strongest coffee beans in the world. Most famously, their Harrar variety, with its wine-like taste, minimal astringency, spiciness and fruitiness, is an irresistible option.


In South America, Colombian coffee beans generally reign supreme. The country is known for its generous numbers of microclimates that provide unique bean growing conditions across its many regions. And, it’s special in that there are two harvesting seasons, unlike in other countries where there’s only one. With faster production rates and such unique weather, you can find the most diverse range of flavor profiles within the Colombian category, from smooth and nutty to bright and fruity. This country’s coffee is so popular, you can even find Colombian-style coffee at popular chains like McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts – although we recommend brewing your own beans at home!


Yemen is another country that has legitimate claims as the place where coffee was invented. Regardless of whether that’s right or wrong, it’s still a place where some of the best coffee in the world is produced. Grown in a centuries-proven method, Yemen is unique in that the coffee industry remains prevalent in a place where water is such a scarcity. Because the country is more arid, the coffee trees grow smaller and are shaped more irregularly. This leads to a flavor profile that’s distinctly Yemeni: deep, rich and earthy.

USA – Hawaii 

The only state in the U.S. that can grow high-quality coffee is Hawaii. The Aloha State is best known for its coffee from the Kailua-Kona region, where the climate is warm and temperate, and receives a significant amount of rainfall all year long. Even the driest month produces at least five inches of rain. With Hawaii coffee, you can expect a flavor profile that matches the island vibe, usually mild, fruity and bright.


Although Colombia may be tastier to most, Brazilian coffee is actually the most-produced coffee in the world. Brazil is home to the largest coffee plantations that can produce an endless supply of both Arabica and Robusta style beans. The country also generally has high-quality soil and a welcoming tropical climate that the coffee crop thrives in. With a cup of Brazilian coffee, you’ll notice a clarity of sweetness that’s medium bodied with low acidity.


Coming in second, behind Brazil’s impressive coffee production numbers, is Vietnam, with over 1,500 metric tons of coffee produced each year. Although coffee has only been in Vietnam since the mid-1800s, rather late compared to others on this list, it’s rapidly become one of the small island country’s most important commodities. Mostly produced in the southern portion of Vietnam, about 95 percent of all their coffee is Robusta style. With Vietnamese coffee, you can expect little to no acidity and a mild flavor profile that’s often used for blending with other beans.

Dominican Republic

Although it’s less than one percent of the global coffee supply, Dominican Republic Arabica coffee is some of the most underrated in the world. With small, local and organic farms throughout the several growing regions of the country, Dominican coffee is sure to impress even the most haughty coffee fans. With its unique climate and high-altitude grow zones among the country’s many mountain ranges, these beans offer some of the most complex flavors available on the market. If you come across a bag of Dominican beans, make sure you take the opportunity to buy some, as you won’t come across this exclusive option often.  

Explore the world’s coffee-making countries!

Whether you want to experience the mountainous beauty of the Dominican Republic, the tropical vibe of Hawaii or the arid climates of the Middle East, a cup of coffee from your favorite country will let you tour all these regions and more. Now that you know some of the better options, you can perfect your preferred cup of coffee, and explore new unique tastes you never even knew existed – have fun on your tasting adventure!

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