Why Choose A Coffee That’s Preferred By Pilots

Being a pilot is a career path that’s as rewarding as it is exciting. As a professional aviator, you’re held in a certain regard, known to have a keen ability to make smart decisions in the face of adversity, always demanding the best from your co-pilots, crew and equipment.  In a similar way, you demand the most from your coffee, as well. That’s why as a pilot, you’re always searching for the boldest, tastiest, most invigorating brew. After all, there’s nothing like a good coffee to get your morning routine started or to re-energize after a long flight.  Each pilot may have their own preferences, but there’s no doubt that there are a few commonalities in how pilots prefer taking their coffee. And, it’s not surprising that it directly relates to the ins and outs of our profession. With that said, let’s take a look at why you should choose a coffee with characteristics that pilots love.

Pilots Are Bold, Just Like Our Coffee

It’s hard for an aviator to say no to a bold cup of coffee. It can be a welcome companion on the ground and in the cockpit, spreading stimulating aromas throughout the space and providing warmth with every sip. From days-long cross-country flights to quick out-and-backs, a pilot must always remain bold no matter what scenario they’re preparing for. They want the same from their coffee.

Pilots Demand The Most Out Of Their Equipment

A pilot’s life depends on functioning equipment, from flight instruments to our timepieces to our headsets and so much more. Likewise, we demand a coffee that supplies the freshest flavor and a perfect level of caffeine. A bad cup of coffee can throw our entire day off, so we always reach for a high-quality bag of beans. 

Pilots Are Great At Adapting

A pilot that can make split-second decisions under unforeseen circumstances is going to generally make a better aviator. And, when it comes to our coffee beans, we prefer a bean that’s as tasty as it is versatile. No matter what type of brewer is sitting in the pilot’s lounge, we can make our java taste delicious.

Pilots Love Trying New Things – Including Coffee

Pilots are no stranger to flying uncharted, exotic places around the world. Similarly, there’s always something new to uncover in the world of coffee. Whether that’s trying new brewing methods like percolation or pressure infusion or experimenting with different roast colors, we’re not afraid to take a chance on a new, deliciously drinkable concoction. Many well-traveled pilots have developed such an advanced palate that they can identify coffees from almost any region in the world. We have a taste for the best!

Pilots Don’t Overindulge

When we’re on duty, there’s no chance to overindulge in almost anything, and that includes coffee. As such, our preferred brew tends to contain moderate levels of caffeine. We usually try to consume less than 300mg of coffee a day since any more than that can cause physical impairment and negatively impacts cognition. That means, on an average, we can consume about three cups per day without crossing that limit.

Choose A Coffee Made For Pilots

The most recent coffee for pilots to hit the market is Inflight PIlot Fuel. Sourced from sustainable Dominican farms and available in three roast types, these flavorful beans are guaranteed to get your engines started. Try Inflight Pilot Fuel in either bean or ground form, to make the brewing process convenient for you. We’ve designed a coffee that works hard, just like a pilot. One sip, and you’ll be ready to take-off on your next adventure – pick up a bag today.

Be like a pilot: try a bold, flavorful brew today

Now that you know why pilots have such great taste in coffee, you can search for beans with the characteristics listed above, like Inflight Fuel. It’s sure to heighten your senses, while boosting your energy for the next flight. If you require a cup of java every morning to get going or you get comfort as a casual sipper, a bold, flavorful coffee that’s brewed to perfection is absolutely essential. If you’re the same way, make sure you reach for a coffee that’s preferred by pilots. Happy travels!